Prof Jeremy Wyatt

Faculty of Clinical Informatics, London

Jeremy Wyatt has 30 years experience as a hospital physician and 35 years’ medical AI experience, including running Europe’s first randomised trial of clinical AI in 1986, 10 years chairing the European Society for AI in Medicine, several months at Edinburgh dept of AI and an MRC Travelling Fellowship year in Stanford working with Ted Shortliffe. He has written a textbook on clinical knowledge management, two other textbooks and over 200 articles on development and evaluation of clinical AI and other clinical systems. Jeremy has advised the Royal College of Physicians, Care Quality Commission, NHSX, Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency and World Health Organisation. He chairs the FCI AI Special Interest Group, convenes UK MCBK activity and is emeritus professor of digital healthcare in Southampton. He also makes commemorative objects and jewellery in titanium and other materials and is a member of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery.

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Clinical challenges to AI: survey of UK specialty societies

I will describe the clinical challenges to AI identified in our survey, including quality issues, regulation and legal liability, and the new Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) AI Special Interest Group set up to address them. I also convene the wider community interested in Mobilising Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) for learning health systems, including NICE, NHSX, NHS Digital, academics and medical publishers, and will summarise our recent launch workshop.


  • Dr Stephen Weng: Speaking at the AI and Machine Learning Convention

    Dr Stephen Weng
    School of Medicine, University of Nottingham

    Machine-learning in prognostic research using routine health care data

  • Professor Paul Leeson: Speaking at the AI and Machine Learning Convention

    Professor Paul Leeson
    University of Oxford

    Is AI about to revolutionise cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostics?

  • Simon Harris: Speaking at the AI and Machine Learning Convention

    Simon Harris
    EMRAD – NHS East Midlands Radiology Consortium

    Developing, testing and deploying Artificial Intelligence in Breast Screening services

  • Graham King: Speaking at the AI and Machine Learning Convention

    Graham King
    Zebra Medical Vision

    AI Doctor will see you now

  • Emma C. Robinson: Speaking at the AI and Machine Learning Convention

    Emma C. Robinson
    King's College London

    Using deep learning to predict outcomes for vulnerable preterm babies