Graham Kendall

Digital Healthcare Council

Graham has advised numerous organisations across healthcare including the Department of Health, NHS Trusts and independent sector providers as well as commercial and not-forprofit organisations.

He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he read medicine and then social and political sciences.

He has over a decade of experience working in Parliament advising frontbenchers in Government and Opposition as well as working with backbench MPs from all parties, and serving as a local Councillor.

Graham led the NHS Confederation’s strategic relationships with industry for five years during which time he successfully launched two new membership schemes including NHS Partners Network, now the Independent Healthcare Providers Network.

Achievements and expertise include:
• Running award winning campaigns that have changed legislation and Government policy;
• Working with developers to design new mobile healthcare apps and software to
visualise complex datasets;
• In-depth analytics to gauge opinion and model complex contentious issues to shape communication strategies;
• Developing cutting-edge AI research tools with leading academics;
• CIO of Santovia, a US-based health-tech start-up.

In addition to his role as Director of the Digital Healthcare Council, Graham is CIO of Santovia, advises the Independent Healthcare Providers Network among others, and is working with a leading psychologist to develop new AI research solutions.

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Jumping the chasm – achieving widespread adoption

The potential for AI to revolutionise healthcare in so many areas is clear but there are numerous challenges to overcome to translate cutting-edge technology into routine practice. This talk explores some of the key hurdles to implementation and what needs to change. It draws out implications for regulatory and procurement policy, and will suggest practical measures to enhance adoption and uptake including examples of how members of the Digital Healthcare Council are meeting these challenges.


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