New Report Shows How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Healthcare Across The Patient Pathway

Our partners The Journal of MHealth have published a report on how AI and Machine Learning technology can transform the future of healthcare. Read the original report from Colleen Cunningham-Greene here The healthcare industry is under enormous pressure to improve the quality of care without increasing costs, and AI may hold the secret to delivering this. 

The secret to AI’s influence will be in automating some of the basic tasks that take up a huge portion of a typical doctor’s time such as paperwork, data input and scheduling. This will allow doctors to devote more time to connect with patients, delivering a healthcare system which will work for all. 

The UK population is rising and aging, making staff shortages an increasingly prescient issue for modern hospitals. There is a huge demand to enhance the patient experience, and with resources more stretched than ever, it will take technological innovation like AI to provide the healthcare quality doctors want and patients deserve.

The benefits from AI don’t stop there. Healthcare is one of the most-data rich industries in the world, with billions of data points stored in electronic medical records. Deep learning techniques analyse data to provide solutions to problems humans haven’t even thought to ask it. Because healthcare records have been kept meticulously over the past few decades, we’ve provided the computing system with a treasure trove of information with which it can make connections at a level humans are incapable of alone. While this may sound futuristic and daunting, the potential benefits and can operate across the entire patient pathway: improved assessment, diagnosis and patient care.

The Journal of MHealth is one of the UK’s leading healthcare journals, providing an essential resource for healthtech innovation. Proud to also be partnered with the Oncology Convention and the Medical Imaging Convention, you can find out more information about them in the press area of our 2020 event.

These are just a few of the areas where AI is already saving lives, and it’s still in such early days that it will only continue to grow and improve outcomes across the patient pathway in the coming months and years. To get ahead of the revolution of AI, then come to the NEC on the 17th and 18th March for the AI and Machine Learning Convention. 

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About the Author:

Colleen’s focus at DataRobot is to enable every healthcare organisation to become more AI-driven.

Prior to joining DataRobot, she worked for a number of healthcare organisations, ranging from start-ups to a health insurance company in the Fortune Top 50. A pioneer in value-based care and reimbursement models, Colleen is passionate about revolutionising healthcare by reducing costs, delivering consumer-driven services, aiding the management of chronic complex populations and reducing system inefficiencies. She holds an M.B.A. from University of Maryland University College and a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Western Kentucky University.