Dr Eric Topol On The Future of AI in the U.K

Eric Topol, one of the world’s most respected healthcare experts, has expressed his excitement for the possibilities of AI in healthcare in his new book ‘Deep Healthcare’. Dr. Topol’s book examines the many areas of healthcare which will progress rapidly thanks to AI technology, especially medical imaging.

He recognises the ability of AI to improve the quality and accuracy of imaging scans, but he says the most important innovation will be saving doctors hours of work every day. Dr. Topol says “I think the biggest change was to try and accelerate the incorporation of AI to give the gift of time”. By automating time consuming jobs such as paperwork and data input, AI technology will allow doctors more time to devote to patients, and as he puts it ‘restore the care in healthcare’.

Dr Topol praises the U.K for being ahead of the curve on AI. He was recently commissioned by the U.K government to help to prepare the NHS for a digital future, with his report recommending that “Educational resources should be developed to educate and train all healthcare professionals in the ethics of AI, autonomous systems, and the interpretation of AI”.

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Dr Topol’s report recognises that AI is set to be the biggest improvement to their working life in coming years, and the AI and Machine Learning Expo will have the world’s leading experts and companies work together to share their knowledge about how to use AI to improve patient outcomes. 

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