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Smart Reporting Gmbh

Smart Reporting is the leading solution for structured medical documentation. Our unique software leverages intuitive clinical decision-trees and expert-designed templates to generate dynamic medical reports across radiology, pathology and other disciplines. These allow doctors to make and present clinical decisions more quickly, clearly and effectively. Founded in Germany in 2014 by radiology professor, Dr. Wieland Sommer, we have over 7000 active users globally across 90 countries.

Smart Reporting offers doctors a dynamic reporting software that integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure. Our reports are proven to be of higher quality and can be completed in less time. Better quality reports reduce the number downstream queries, which in turn accelerates and improves patient care.

We have established strong integrations and partnerships with the largest healthcare OEMs including GE and Siemens.

Next-generation healthcare platform
Smart Reporting is uniquely positioned to become the leading platform for next-generation medical documentation. We enable physicians to generate meaningful data seamlessly and as part of clinical routine. With numerous integrations and cutting-edge AI techniques, this dynamic platform is set to revolutionize medical documentation.

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