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Savana is an award-winning medical company aiming to accelerate health science by putting into the hands of healthcare providers the power to unlock all of the clinical value embedded within existing Electronic Health Records with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Always ensuring maximum privacy and security.

Founded in 2014, Savana develops and applies Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, providing real-time access to patient populations information. This enables hospitals, health centres and professionals to use their clinical information for management, prevention and research. The artificial intelligence developed by SAVANA converts the free text incorporated in the electronic medical records into reusable clinical parameters, to generate RWE (Real World Evidence) drawn from more than 400+ million clinical records from all sources.

SAVANA Manager is currently in more than 100 hospitals and 25 RWE (Real World Evidence) studies are ongoing with SAVANA Research in 80 hospitals. Savana is venturing on International Studies Worldwide. The company is currently expanding to English, French and German speaking markets. Savana´s Expansion plan will be soon entering the US market.

SAVANA is a multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, programmers, linguists, engineers, statisticians who offer all their experience, expertise and knowledge to create, develop and implement services and solutions that help accelerate health research for the benefit of patients.`

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