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Clear, accurate and concise clinical notes delivered in a consistent format is crucial for both health professionals and patients themselves. The iNOTZ product, originally developed by for the American market, is sold in the UK by MedInfomatics LTD. The product has multiple modules which both the patient, nursing and the consultant interact to create clinical documentation for a given clinical situation.

Each area is optimised depending upon who is using the system. The iNOTZ product is designed for the Apple iPad tablet which is one of the leading tablets in use throughout the world and has transformed the usability of information technology. The iPad enables portability of the system and the ability for clinical information to be securely captured with the patient at home, potentially completed with loved ones as opposed to travelling to a treatment centre or hospital.

The iNOTZ product was designed first and foremost for the journey which cancer patients take at different stages of treatment, documenting the different aspects which are available for both clinical staff and the patients themselves. The iNOTZ product stores thousands of data points for each individual patient based on a sophisticated menu-based structure for questioning both the patient, nurse and consultant. This enables the product to qualify individuals for clinical trials and enable analysis of various clinical outcomes as each patient progresses from an initial consultation through to weekly progress notes, Treatment Summary and Completion/Follow Up. The product therefore has the potential to greatly save money on the traditional administration and staff costs of data collection used for clinical trials and similar tracking and reporting processes.

This system has been used widely by clinicians in the US, and 2019 marks the launch of the product for the UK market.

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