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Cerebriu A/S

Cerebriu: Decision support software improving workflow efficiency within diagnostic imaging.

Cerebriu improves clinical workflow efficiency and quality within radiology using machine learning based technology. We aim to increase diagnostic throughput by at least 25% within brain MRI. Our solution provides the posibility to adapt protocol during image acquisition, enhance image reporting and triage with clinically relevant accuracy, sensitivity and specificity.

With our smart protocol (patent pending) the burden of unnecessary sequences dissipates, allowing for faster diagnostic, reduced scan time and a lower need for re-examinations. The machine learning technology enables workflow efficiency, by providing decision support in real-time during image acquisition, and later in PACS with regions of interest overlays used during image reading and reporting. Furthermore, the technology provides triage to improve patient journeys after examination, reducing unnecessary admission of non-acute patients.

By partnering with clinics and hospitals internationally for multi-site clinical validation, user-and outcome driven development, we provide high quality clinical software as a medical device that adheres to ISO 13485:2016

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